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30 Days of Paganism: 2. Beliefs – Cosmology

My cosmology & cosmogeny is pretty shambolic. It's a patchwork of science and symbol. I only integrate something into my mythic structure if it makes scientific sense, symbolically. In many respects I am functionally a hard-science-guy. But the reality is, human brains prefer stories, myth, and symbol over data, so taking hard science and translating it into myth is useful for a human brain. It reconciles highly cerebral information into the irrational emotional landscape.

My main sources from which I build onto this framework include the myth & creation stories I was raised with (mainly Romani and Feri, with a substantial dash of Indigenous Australian), classical polytheisms, a few favourite novels, and a bunch of my own random crap.

So let's see. Beginning at the beginning, there was nothing, and it exploded. The Primordial Goddess saw herself reflected in the void and fell in love, igniting the chaos so all the stars and planets started to cohere (big bang), and as her reflection moved away (because of the exploding, you know), it came into being (binary fission). They moved apart until they met again (infinity) and got it on (homosexuality). They gave birth to twins (parthenogenisis, heterogamy, polyembryony and monozygotic twinning) and got it on with them and bore all the diverse gods and spirits (sexual reproduction) that are part of Herself (ontogeny), and they in turn became diverse and bore living things, and the living things became diverse, and bore and gave way to ever more changing living things (evolution). With time all things return to the Primordial Goddess and she spreads them out again amongst all the parts of herself (conservation of mass & energy).


It goes on, for a while, about the development of the Earth, forces (things like gravity), powers (things like tectonic movement, erosion, mutation, fire), gods (things like ocean, wind, rain, mountain, landmass), and spirits (things like beings, archetypes, ideas). There's a lot, so you'll get it in instalments if you get it at all.

30 Days of Paganism
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