River of Illusions

Lead Me Into Temptation

Upir Lichy

***Homophobia, racism, and sexism WILL NOT be tolerated in any form. Ever.***

"The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church."
-Ferdinand Magellan

My enemies are flat.
My enemies are three-dimensional.
My enemies are continuity and coherence.
My enemies are restriction and confinement.
My enemies are guilt and fear.
My enemies are material.
My enemies are direction and fact.
My enemies are Because.

Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges.

La madre degli idioti è sempre incinta.

"Animal rights people are historically overt abusers of substances, but you know; if you took as much LSD as Paul McCartney you wouldn't eat anything with a face either."

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"But the primitive magician, the medicine man, or the shaman is not only a sick man; he is, above all, a sick man who has been cured, who has succeeded in curing himself."
- Mircea Eliade, Shamanism

"...[Y]ou've got to watch out for crow girls. Sometimes they wake a yearning you'll be hard pressed to put back to sleep. Sometimes only a glimpse of them can start up a familiar ache deep in your chest, an ache you can't name, but you've felt it before, early mornings, lying alone in your bed, trying to hold onto the fading tatters of a perfect dream. Sometimes they blow bright the coals of a longing that can't ever be eased."
--Charles DeLint, Crow Girls from Moonlight and Vines

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